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The VB Tech Center is Taking Applications for the 2018-2019 School Year. Apply Now!

The Virginia Beach Technical and Career Education Center is currently taking applications for the upcoming school year. The steps for applying are below. Picture of an apply now button

1. Complete an application. Click here for a downloadable/typable application. Paper applications are availabe in all VBCPS school counseling offices.

2. Turn in the completed application to your high school counselor. The initial application deadline is 2/1/2018. Applications will continue be accepted on a first come first served basis after that.

3. VB Tech Center teachers will begin selecting students 2/1/2018.

4. Interested students are encouraged to attend open house scheduled for 2/7/2018 from 6:00-8:00 PM.

5. VB Tech Center guidance will notify school counselors and students if they are accepted or placed on a waiting list 3/1/2018.

6. Students accepting placement must contact or meet with their school counselors to add their Tech Center course to their 2018-2019 course schedules.

7. Accepted students are encouraged to attend new student orientation 5/2/2018 at 6:00 PM to meet their Tech Center teachers, receive course expectations, and material lists.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact Robert Marlin at 757-648-5860 or via email at rlmarlin@vbschools.com.

Automotive Body and Service Students Visit TCC's Automotive Excellence Center

On October 26, the students from the Technical and Career Education Center's (Tech Center) Auto Service and Auto Body classes participated in TCC's Regional Automotive Center Open House. Students had a unique opportunity to learn more about TCC's factory automotive training from Chrysler, Ford, Honda, and Toyota as well as the Collision Repair, Diesel, and Marine Programs. Tech Center students had the opportunity to meet 14 local business partners and 4 vehicle manufacturers. During the Open House, current Tech Center students spoke with former Tech Center Auto Service Alumni and Current TCC Automotive student Colby Belgrave. Colby explains, "The Tech Center gave me the background knowledge for what I am learning now in the TCC program. In the near future, I will be transitioning into a dealership program similar to an apprenticeship." Second year students attending the Tech Center have the opportunity to participate in paid internships. At the recent Open House, Auto students learned about potential internships and set-up interviews. Meeting industry professionals, gives students a more in-depth understanding of the internship program. This is the first step towards building an automotive résumé and paving the way for a future career path.

Picture A- Auto Service II Students and Tech Center Alumni- Left to Right- Jason Parker, Colby Belgrave (Tech Center Alumni, June 2017), Carlos Vertizzuta

Picture B- Auto Body I Students Speaking with Human Resources/Recruiter- Left to Right- Leo Lopez, Katelyn Testler, Brian Lopez

Picture C- Auto Service II Student Steven Tamse

Picture of a student visiting TCC Picture of a student visiting TCC Picture of a student visiting TCC

Parent Connection Academic and Career Planning Workshop 11/16/17 6:30-8:00 PM

Image for Parent Connection academic planning workshop scheduled for 11/16 @ 6:30 at Tallwood High

Tech Styles Manicure AND Pedicure Special $10!

Picture of building marquee advertising manicures and pedicures for $10

LPN Program Highlights

Hampton Roads Public Works Academy Interviews

The Hampton Roads Public Works Academy (HRPWA) provides a unique opportunity for the Virginia Beach Technical and Career Education (Tech Center) students.  Thirty Tech Center students applied for a coveted spot in the 2017-2018 Cadet class. The HRPWA includes a selection process requiring an interview and a teacher recommendation. "Participating in the interview process is valuable experience for our students," explains Donna Hall, HRPWA Coordinator. Upon successful completion, students receive a certificate.  This certificate highlights the student as a first hiring priority for public works and utilities positions. In many cases, there are employment opportunities available immediately after program completion.  The Hampton Roads Public Works Academy is a two-year, hands-on program offered at the Tech Center.  HRPWA is a not-for-profit regional coalition promoting cooperative training in Public Works and Utilities in Southeastern Virginia. The first cadet program was instituted at the Virginia Beach Tech Center in 2014. Classes include 32 major areas of work within the Public Works and Utilities fields. Each class is taught by a subject matter expert from that particular area of work. The classes and field trips last approximately two and a half hours and meet twice a month.  Course topics include Street Inspections, CDL License, Structures and Building Systems, Emergency Operations, and much more. One of the greatest benefits of HRPWA is the opportunity to complete a paid summer internship program with Public Works or Utilities, or a member organization of the Public Works Academy.  After successfully completing the Cadet program, several former Public Works Academy students are now employed full-time and receiving excellent benefits. J Robert Osborne, Jr., Tech Center Welding I student, explains "The Tech Center and the Hampton Roads Public Works Academy offers many great opportunities for my future career.  I applied to the HRPWA, so I could get ahead of the competition. I'm trying to get the most experience possible, so I will look marketable to employers." The students were interviewed by LeeAnn Azar, Executive Director of HRPWA and Frankie Thornton, retired Virginia Beach City Public Utilities employee.

Picture of 2 students interviewing with Hampton Roads Public Works Academy rep
Interview Picture- Interviewer- Frankie Thornton, retired Virginia Beach City Public Utilities employee.
Left to Right Robert Osborne, Jr. and Ethan Hixon, Welding I students and HRPWA applicants

Dental Assisting Services at the VB Tech Center

VBCPS Alumna Named to the Zagat 30 Under 30 List

Each year, Zagat, the national guide of restaurant reviews, produces its Zagat 30 Under 30 list. According to Zagat, the list honors the "gastronomic game changers" who are"redefining the way" guests dine out.

For 2017, Carlie Steiner, owner of the restaurant, Himitsu in Washington DC, was among the honorees. Steiner is a graduate of Cox High School as well as an alumna of the Technical and Career Education Center's Culinary Program.

"I feel super honored and really grateful because the other humans on that list are so amazing, so to be a part of it was really exciting and wonderful," Steiner said, "It is a very fulfilling moment."

Picture of Carlie Steiner

Steiner credited her time in the culinary program for helping to confirm her future career.

"It was the first time I felt comfortable doing what I wanted to do as a profession," Steiner said. Specifically, she shared that it was her culinary arts teachers, Patrick Reed and Diana Ausderau, who helped to inspire her work today.

"They were the reason," Steiner said. "They are role models. They were outreaching and caring. These are people I can talk to about the questions I had. They made it for me, very much, that this is what I want to do."

For Ausderau, Steiner was a standout student from the beginning.

"Carlie is one of the once-in-a-lifetime students for a teacher. She had that spark, that 'it' when she was a student here," Ausderau said. "The whole mission of a teacher is to help create a foundation for students to build on, become successful, and find their place in this world.  When this happens so perfectly, as it did with Carlie, it completely validates the reason why I became a teacher."

After high school, Steiner went on to study at the Culinary Institute of America in New York, earning her bachelor's degree there. She worked in restaurants across the country, including Water Bar in San Francisco, California and José Andrés' Minibar + Barmini in Washington, D.C.

Eleven months ago, Steiner and a partner went out on their own and launched Himitsu.

"We were two kids with no money," Steiner said with a laugh. "We basically signed a lease and opened up a restaurant a month later…I'm really, outstandingly grateful for the good press and feedback."

When asked what advice she would have for students today, Steiner shared that a lot comes with learning from those who have gone before you and learning to trust your instincts.

"I think a lot of my success has been really based off trying to put a lot of good vibes out in the world –  even when things are harder, recognizing there are people who are much smarter than you and you should listen to those people," Steiner said. "But, you should also listen to yourself. Finding that balance is really hard: when to listen to people who have done things before you and when to listen to yourself. There's a sense of maturity in finding that balance and it can lead you to success."

See the original story at: http://www.vbcpsblogs.com/core/vbcps-alumna-named-zagat-30-30-list/

The Dentist Is In!

The VB Tech Center Dental Assisting program offers dental preventative services to our classmates in both the morning and afternoon sessions. This service is provided in partnership with the Virginia Department of Dental Public Health. The dental assisting students fain valuable chair side experience assisting the dentist to prepare them for future employment in dentistry. Two Virginia licensed dentists help provide the checkups with dental report cards. Additional care may be provided such as cleaning, x-rays, flouride treatment, sealants, and fillings. The Virginia Department of Dental Public Health and the dental assisting students are invested in delivering these services to students to help them be free from dental disease!

Picture of dental student and dentist working with a patient

Students Set the Foundation for the 11th House

Shortly after the unveiling of the Virginia Beach Education Foundation's (VBEF) 10th house project at 1909 Evar Place, Technical and Career Education (TCE) Center students began work on the 11th house — right next door. Students enrolled in the TCE Center's masonry program have been working weekly, weather permitting, to set the foundation for the new house located at 1905 Evar Place. The VBEF program, The House Students Built (THSB), partners TCE students with experienced professionals in the community to construct a single-family dwelling for public sale. To date, 10 homes have been constructed, and net profits from the sale of each home support the VBEF's Adopt A+ Grants program. Photos of the work on the 11th house are available on the VBEF Facebook page and information about the 10th house for sale is available here. For more information about the THSB program, contact VBEF coordinator Debbie Griffey at debbie.griffey@vbschools.com or 757-263-1337.

Free Dental Care

The Virginia Beach Department of Public Health is partnering with the Virginia Beach Technical and Career Education Center Dental Assisting Program to offer free dental care to eligible students who attend either morning or afternoon sessions at the center.

Eligibility requirements are:

Currently enrolled in the Virginia Medicaid program, or Participate Virginia Beach City Public School Free Meals program, and Not currently under the care of a dentist, and
Attend the Tech Center

For more information click here.


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Upcoming Events

Free Dental Care

The Virginia Beach Department of Public Health is partnering with the Virginia Beach Technical and Career Education Center Dental Assisting Program to offer free dental care to eligible students who attend either morning or afternoon sessions at the center.

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