Tech Center 1972 Building Plans

The Virginia Beach Technical and Career Education Center opened its doors in September 1972 (pictured above) to provide career-training opportunities for students in grades eleven and twelve. Click here to read an article from the Kellam High School from 1972 when the Tech Center was being built. Over the past 43 years, the Tech Center has maintained focus on career preparation and employability for all of its students. The areas of safety, technical expertise, and authentic workplace experiences are the instructional foundation of all 22 credentialed Tech Center programs. The broad combination of educational opportunities made available through the Tech Center experience:

Tech Center Mission Statement
The Virginia Beach Technical and Career Education Center is dedicated to preparing its students for quality career employment and lifelong learning.
We believe that:

Tech Center Vision Statement:
Through industry-driven curriculum and community partnerships, Virginia Beach Technical and Career Education Center students will gain real-world skills to become successful in their chosen fields.

Tech Center Values Statement:
The Virginia Beach Technical and Career Education Center school community is guided by these core values:

The Tech Center serves students from all 11 comprehensive VBCPS high schools, the Renaissance Academy, post-grad students in 2nd year programs, and some adult students who are enrolled in the Practical Nursing Program. All students are accepted for enrollment through an application process.

Tech Center students complete either a one or two-year program of study in an area of personal interest. During their Tech Center experience, students will be prepared for quality careers through the acquisition of specific skills related to their chosen program, the refinement of Workplace Readiness Skills applicable to general employment and opportunities to gain industry certifications, licensure, and/or other credentials. Students also have the opportunity to participate in:

The Tech Center is also home to the school division's Vocational Assessment Center. Vocational assessment is a process to assist students with disabilities and at-risk students in identifying and exploring their unique career interests, aptitudes and skills to formulate immediate and long-term career goals. Students participate in a comprehensive vocational assessment that may include, but is not limited to, the following elements: psychometric testing, interest testing, aptitude testing, learning style assessment, work sampling, occupational information, and career counseling. The Tech Center also serves as a centralized location for the Division's intensified English as a Second Language (ESL) program providing instruction to approximately 60-80 students per year.